Rf Rgb Audio Controller

Rf Rgb Audio Controller
Product Details

RGB Music Controller With RF 18 Key Remote

Before installing this product,Please read this manual carefully. Ensure full understanding of this specification to avoid unnecessary damage and additional costs.

HX-AUDIO-RGB-RF18K,adopts advanced PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) digital technology with 3 output channels constant voltage led RGB music controller.The power is the DC low voltage input mode. The range is DC12V-24V.As the Ⅳgeneration product, it achieve the perfect music control effect and user experience, basic on the audio analysis technology and more user-friendly remote control design.

Technical Parameters  

Working temperature


Supply voltage



3 channel

Output gray

256  (with continuous reception)

Output current


Output power

12V:144W; 24V: 288W

RF frequency


Net weight


Gross weight


External dimension


Packing size


Connecting mode

common anode

●This is constant voltage controller , supply voltage DC12-24V,In this range power supply can be universal.
●Adopts PWM digital technology,5 dimmer degree ,no-flicker;
●Signal frequency:400Hz;
●RF 18-key wireless RF remote
●There are 13 kinds of RGB modes, including 8 static colors ;3 dynamic changes ; 3 audio mode, respectively:♫ DJ(Fast Track)、♫ Dynamic (universal rhythm changes)、♫ Tenderness (slow-paced change); the brightness of static color and the speed of dynamic changes are adjustable. The sensitivity can be adjusted in audio mode.
●In audio mode,the sensitivity can be adjusted via black gear knob; the higher of the sensitivity adjustment is to knob clockwise;
●Design for : LED constant voltage products, led RGB strip lights, single color light bar, and horse racing lights.
●Warranty of this product is one year, but exclude the artificial situation of damaged, destroy in, transit after purchase as well as a variety of external factors, such as the case of damage caused  by natural forces caused. overload working.

External Dimension:

Interface Specifications

Power and Payload interface:

Direction for use:

Adopt wireless RF remote control method, 18 keys in total, function of each button as below:

Static white


Static red

Static green

Static blue

Static sunlight

Static orange

Static yellow

Static cyan

Static purple

seven base color jumping

Three color gradually change

seven color gradually change


DJ Audio

Dynamic Audio

Tenderness Audio


1.S+/S- means speed adjustment for the dynamic mode, and means sensitivity adjustment for the audio mode.Users according to different types of music, the size of the sound to adjust the sensitivity will make the lighting changes more rhythm and vitality of music ;
2.Music mode has fast, medium and slow 3 kinds of rhythmic patterns, that is, the DJ, dynamic, tenderness to distinguish 3 kinds of sound effects, different music selection corresponding changes in the way, will make the atmosphere more harmonious ;
3.All static modes are adjustable, press the color button one time, the brightness changes one level in circle, 5 levels (100%, 50%, 25%, 12%and 6%).

If new-coded-remote is needed, re-pairing the remote and the receiver before using as below operation instruction:
1.Power off and press key "FLASH".
2.Power on the controller, the LEDs will be 50% brightness white,
3.Continuously to press the key "FLASH" for 3 times ,the brightness of LED will be from 25% to 10%
4.Code learning successfully, the mode will be back to the state before the power off
5.If not, please re-operate from step 1 to 4.

Typical Applications

Application Circuit:


1. Supply voltage of this product is DC12V~24V, never connect to others or AC220V.

2. Lead wire should be connected correctly according to grade that connecting diagram offers.

3. This product is not to overload;

4. Warranty of this product is one year, but exclude the artificial situation of damaged or overload working.

Common Problems  


Possible cause


1.Lamp does not light after power

Power cord is not properly connected, or there is not output switching power supply

Connect the power cord properly or replay the power

Lamp power cord is not connected or short circuit

Connected lighting power cord

2. After connecting some of the load the controller does not work

The connected load is too large,so that it has burned in some of the components of the controller

Replace parts of components or replace the controller