rgb led strip music controller Rf Music RGB LED Controller

Rf Music RGB LED Controller
Product Details

Product Description
20-key RF controller adopts the advanced micro control unit, it is used for controlling a variety of lamp whose source of light is LED. For instance, point source of light, flexible light strip, wall washer lamp, glass curtain wall light and so on; it has many advantages such as low price, easy connection and simplicity to use. Meanwhile, you could adjust brightness, static color choices and various dynamic changes in lighting effects through wireless remote control. And according to the actual need of customers, it can carry out jumpy changing, gradual changing, stroboflash and other effects of change.

Technical Parameters

Working temperature


Supply voltage

DC12V~24V optional (specify the required voltage on orders)


3 channels

Connecting mode

common anode/cathode optional (specify the required voltage on orders)

External dimension

L130*W64*H24 mm

Packing size


Net weight


Gross weight


Static power consumption


Output current

<4A(each channel)

Output power

5V:<60W,  12V:<144W,  24V:<288W

Interface Specifications

Direction for use
●Connect the load wire at first, following by the power wire; Please ensure short circuit can not occur between connecting wire before you turn on the power;
●Adopt wireless control method, 20 keys in total, function of each button as below::
●Each press, the green light flash one time, indicating that has entered the next state.
●Standard color changes as follows:

Brightness +

Brightness -



Static red

Static green

Static blue

Static white

Static white

Static yellow

Static cyan

Static purple

Auto run(audio modes)

three base color jumpy

Three color gradually change

speed +


seven base color jumpy

Seven color gradually change


Audio modes as bellow:





There-color jumpy changing (sound  control)

Speeed changs with the voice swing.


Seven-color jumpy changing (sound  control)


There-color jumpy changing (sound  control)

Speeed changs with the voice swing.

Each time a change in the lamp off


Seven-color jumpy changing (sound  control)

Typical Applications

1. Supply voltage of this product is DC12V~24V, never connect to others or AC220V.
2. Lead wire should be connected correctly according to grade that connecting diagram offers.
3. If the load is more, by way of port 2 to connect the power will be better.
4. This product is not to overload;
5. Warranty of this product is one year, but exclude the artificial situation of damaged or overload working.

Common Problems


Possible cause


1.Lamp does not light after power

Power cord is not properly connected, or there is not output switching power supply

Connect the power cord properly or replay the power

Lamp power cord is not connected or short circuit

Connected lighting power cord

2. After connecting some of the load the controller does not work

The connected load is too large,so that it has burned in some of the components of the controller

Replace parts of components or replace the controller