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Product Details

HDW Dimmer + HDS Series – PWM Wire-dimming System

PWM LED Wire-dimming System is a series ofconstant current output device which integrated dimming function, using PWM technology to achieve amazing dimming experience: smooth, flicker-free,from 0% to 100%, focus onLED interior lighting.

Dimmer:HDW Dimmer is a LED DIMMER (output high frequency PWM control signal) with full touch wall panel and cool appearance.
Driver:HDS is a series of high efficiencyLED DIMMING DRIVER, output 2KHz PWM dimming signal,power up to 45W.
They are good partners to build a stable wire control system.

Technical Parameters:
Work temperature: 0-45℃
Input voltage : AC90-265V
Control method: wire-control by 10V 2KHz PWM signal
Output: <10W/10-25W/25-45W
Size: 90*45*28mm/115*45*31mm/135*45*31mm
Gross weight: 100g/130g/170g
Dimming rang: 0-100%
Compatible with HDW DIMMER.