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Switching Power Supply Installation And Use Of The Environment

May 07, 2015

A, never install the power supply in high temperature environments.

B, as far as possible through the heat transfer of heat in three ways:

• During installation, creates space in the open, exposed to the atmosphere as much as possible so that air flows, when to install inside the box, box should be as large as possible, and at the top and bottom, front and back, left and right symmetrical open holes to allow air flow, enhanced convection and thus achieve the purpose of cooling.

• When installing the power supply, as far as possible the power supply on a larger sheet metal is reduced by a heat conduction metal plate partial heat to power, and then, using sheet metal heat sinks, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the temperature of the power supply. Avoid power directly on the sponge, wood and other materials not conducive to heat transfer

In order to ensure the long life of power, should be reduced as much as possible the working temperature of the power supply. In terms of specific uses, due to environmental constraint, not ideal when installed according to the heat transfer mechanism of produce as far as possible all the three modes of heat transfer for cooling, power supply operating temperature normal, can benefit to the life of power supply, otherwise it will shorten the life of power supply, or even damage the power supply.