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LED Controller Is The Key Of The Development Of Innovation

Jan 14, 2016


LED controller industry journey far away, also very dark, don't know if this will go has been lost. But if stopped at this point, that don't deserve any development, always stay put, until dissipation. In today's high-speed economic development, more and more enterprises realized the importance of innovation, innovation as the soul of an enterprise, an indispensable, no matter how brilliant of products is also will have a "date" or "universal" day! Only continuous innovation breakthrough, can split jing thorn, all the way ahead.

Second, the competition to survive
The development of Chinese domestic LED controller industry although just up soon, but the competition is very fierce. Guangdong province is relying on the coastal city of the sea, is also the province of the special economic zone, electronics industry is most developed, the LED controller here get rapid development, at the same time is also the most competitive, we only through constant innovation to change himself so as to enhance their competitiveness. LED controller enterprises should strengthen professional and technical personnel training, to form a high level and stable r&d team; Should actively build favorable environment, promote the potential of existing technology fully released, promote the innovative talents flow to the enterprise and strengthen the talent incentive mechanism.

Three, innovation, and a variety of names
In industry LED controller and LED remote control system, etc. Current LED remote control system should be continuously to strengthen the core key technology of supporting industry development and research in cutting-edge technologies. LED industry competition, the key lies in the core technology of the competition. LED remote control system in our country patent application quantity is less, therefore, must increase investment in science and technology, especially for LED epitaxial remote control system, the chip technology research and development. At the same time, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, the construction of patent data services platform, improve industry enterprises to accelerate technological innovation enthusiasm and motivation, make the core technology to promote industry rapid development of important engine.
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