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How To Choose A High Quality IR 24/44 Keys LED RGB Controller?

Jan 21, 2016

Now there are many IR 24/44 keys led rgb controller in the market at different price. Some product looks the same in appearance, but they are different in quality.

We'd like to share with you how to choose a high quality IR 24/44 keys led rgb controller.

When we open the case of the controller(like the photo above) you can see the PCB board inside. Now we comparing with 2 models of PCB  as an example.(A model is from our factory and B model is from others)

You can check the comparing photo below, look at A model, it is a double-side fiberglass PCB for better heat dissipation, and there is a outer crystal oscillator in the top right corner, it make the controller much more accurate and stable.

But for B model, it is an cheap single-side paper PCB board, and gave up the important components-- crystal oscillator to save the cost.

This kind of PCB will be easy to be affected by temperature, and maybe it can be not controlled when it's too hot.

Of course the controller with B model PCB is cheaper than with A model, but for long-term consideration, A model is economical for you.

Hope this will helpful when you choose the controller in the market.