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A Good Case For Choosing High Quality Led Dimmer

Mar 09, 2016

Some product looks the same in appearance, but they are different in quality.
This case is for the product-- LED Dimmer 1 channel 96W. Like the photos below.

A customer of us ordered 500pcs this kind of switch dimmer from other supplier several months ago. But 300pcs bad, when he adjust to the max brightness, the brightness is still the same, don't change. Also the black knob get off easily. Customers of him complain if they loose and cannot find spare covers for the knobs. 
Fortunately, He turn to us, and have trial order 10pcs samples at first time. After testing, He have a PCB order for 300pcs from us to replace the bad dimmer from other supplier. Last week we receive the third order from him, 2000pcs of this led dimmer, And he told me the bad experience above. And he said our knob control is smooth--This is his feedback.
The photos for cheap paper PCB board from others are as below:

This is photos for our high quality Fiberglass PCB board bellowing:

Share with you this case, hope you refer from it when you choose this products. Free to contact for any questions