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WIFI-LED Controller

HMW-WIFI-V02 is the second generation of HX-WIFI-V01, The function of home lighting control system is more powerful and the interface is more humanized. With the multi-zones control, which can achieve to control each zone lighting effects independently. It can be up to 10 separate zones at most. Combined with the application of WIFI technology, makes the controlling is more advanced, intelligent and convenient. you can customize the area photos as your ideas, also can be connected with the family of router through a smart phones with android or apple system or a tablet, install the corresponding control software to control the change of the LED lights. HMW-WIFI-V02 can be used as dimmer, CT ,and RGB controller, only need to select the right control interface in the software. it is used for controlling a variety of lights, such as, RGB LED strip lights, LED modules, LED down light, LED Panel Lights and so on. If you don't have any mobile devices with the controlling software at hand, you also could use a 2.4G RF Multi-zones remote control to control it. This model designed for both constant voltage and constant current led lights. It is truly intelligent.

Product Feature

●WIFI master controller,Working voltage:DC5V
●Support multi-zones control independently, self-defined the pictures and names as your ideas for each zones;
●With WIFI control function, you can choose Android/ apple mobile devices or wireless RF remote controller; more flexible, efficient and intelligent.
●With the 3-in-1(RGB ,CT, Dimming) apple/android software. One device suit to different lighting application scene, very flexible.
●2 year warranty.

Technical parameters


Working temperature


Working voltage


Static current




WIFI brightness level


WIFI speed level

100 grade

Remote control brightness level


Remote control speed level

100 grade



Case dimension


Box dimension


WIFI frequency


Receiver remote frequency


Receiving sensitivity


2.RF Remote control:

Working temperature


Power supply


Standby current


Working voltage


Working current


Remote control distance


RF frequency


Power consumption




FreeLighting V1.0


Android/IOSwith the wifi function


Android(developing) IOS(3.4M)





Using illustration

1、FreeColor V1.0 software installation and SSID (system settings ID) reset.
The software is divided into Android and IOS versions, to choose the installationsuitable version according to your mobile phone system.

The method of installation and use the Android and the IOS version as follow:
Android:open the CD, click& Install FreeLighting V1.0 software ,and complete it
ISO:It's the same as the other software, download the "FreeLighting" from App store and install it.

2、FreeColor V1.0 software instruction
HMW-WIFI-V02 controller has two functions , Both Stand-alone Mode Connect to HX-001 and Connect to family router Network. Here are the use method of the two functions :

(1). Using Stand-alone Mode Connect to HX-001
① To find the WIFI network named "HX---" (such as HX001 or HX002) in the mobile phone, and connect to the network without passwords;
② Then open the FreeLighting V1.0 control software into the control interface.If open the FreeLighting V1.0 control software not connected wi-fi network or need to replace other SSID, returned to the mobile phone Settings interface, enter the WIFI connection option to select the connection;

(2) .To join the family router functions
After finish step 1 (this step is very important);click on the home screen icon ,and then enter the scan interface. As following:

Click "SCAN" start scanning the nearby WIFI control box,as following:

Click go in, appeared the following interface:

Please open the Family Router Mode

And then into Family Router Selection interface:

Scanning the nearby family routing the results are shown as:

Choose your own family routing SSID to enter passwords, as following:

Complete the enter, click "Done". the interface will Pop up in the name of the routing you join. As following:

Click OK, the controller is automatically restart;it needs to wait for 15-20 seconds, if the connection is successful, the WIFI indicator light up;it means that the connection is successful.Re scanning once into the software again, need to assign IP addresses to the WIFI controller, wait to show up again.

clickto join the router success, if not , please hold down the RESET button on the WIFI controller for 5 seconds, according to the step 1 reconnection again, until success.

3. Once network setting up, enter the Control interface of the software, have three Type Settings (RGB/CT/DIM) interface.as following:

4)、After code successfully, you can realize all kinds of effects, the details as bellow, Let us see the RGB interface(other interface is almost the same).


Button name




to turn off the corresponding area of the lamps and lanterns in any time



to turn on the corresponding area of the lamps and lanterns in any time


Auxiliary function button

Mainly used for the code and save function


RGB color bar

Touch the corresponding color ,the amps and lanterns show the same.


Saturation bar

Corresponding lamps to proceed the white balance


Brihgtness bar

To control the brightness of lamps


static interface window

Static interface select function button


dynamic interface window

choose to jump, gradient effect of different


Scene saving interface window

Transfer scene interface fast


Delay shutdown interface

Delay off the lamps


Return button

Back to the main interface

5)dynamic mode control interface

(1)、MODE: select the different dynamic mode, such as flash, fade and etc
(2)、SPEED:select the speed level of the dynamic mode,100 levels in total;
(3)、EFFECT: select the different effect based on the different mode.

6)DIY modes manage interface:

7) Delay off setting interface:

8) Return to the main interface button:

The controller working state indicating lamp.

Indicating light



Power Indicating lamp stays brightness shown the power supply normally.


It always stays brightness When a device (such as mobile phone or tablet) connects to the controller


It flickers when receives the correct WIFI data or the remote control, but in spare time it will go out

RESET button:hold on the button 5 seconds, all the have been setted WIFI data will be erased, return to the factory defalt.

4、Remote controller specification:
RGB remote controller function illustration:

Adopts RF remote control technology, with 18 buttons, one color ring and one color sense lamp. The function of each button as below:

Name of key




ON or OFF in any time


Pause or Continue in dynamic mode

Mode up

Select sample color function button, press once will add a color on.

Mode down

Select sample color function button, press once will reduce a color.

brightness up

brightness up under the static mode

With continuous function

brightness down

brightness down under the static mode

With continuous function

speed up

Speed up in the dynamic mode

With continuous function

speed down

Speed down in the dynamic mode

With continuous function

Zone selection

0-9 for up to 10 zones.each number corresponding an IP address location. Every time press one of the numbers will control the corresponding zone. Up to 10 areas.

Color Ring

In the boot state,it shows the colors when different colors have been touched.

Color sense lamp

when the color ring has been touched,then the sensor light is the same color. press other keys will be lights up white color.

Typical applications

DIM remote controller function illustration

(1)Adopts 2.4G RF remote control technology, with one LCD screen and 18 buttons. The function of each button as below:

Name of key




ON or OFF in any time


Used for IP setting


Select sample color function button, press once will change.

B/S +

Brightness up under the static mode/Speed up under the dynamic mode

With continuous function

B/S -

Brightness down under the static mode/Speed down under the dynamic mode

With continuous function


All zones will be in control at the same time

Hot key

50%/100% level static lighting.

Zone selection

to control any of the zones

LCD screen

how the current state, zone, ON/OFF, brightness/speed levels

(2)Setting SSID(If more than one WIFI Controller in close area, we can reset the SSID for the devices in order to avoid they jamming each other. The SSID are 16 in max.)
The acquiescent SSID number for all devices is HX001, a Mobile with WIFI function will be needed when resetting the SSID to achieve each independent control .The SSID rang is: HX000-HX016. The steps are as follow:

① Making the WIFI Controller properly connected to LED Lights, and then open the power;
② Opening the browser on your mobile, type in "", the interface will pop into as below

The initial acquiescent Username: "admin", password: "admin". And click "OK" to enter the interface.

(3)Resetting the login user name and password in the page as below:

After setting, click "Apply" to finish.

(4)Resetting the SSID in the page as below.

After setting, click "Apply" to submit.

1. If necessary, setting the linking password for more security.
A. Select the "Security Mode": WPA2-PSK.

B. After setting, click "Apply" to submit.

Application scenarios:

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