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Product Details

RF Touch Dimmer

HX-SZ600-DIM, adopt the most advanced PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) digital dimming technology, especially design for single color led strip. Adopt full touch RF remote control. 5 function buttons and 1 dimming ring in the center, all buttons are in the touch form, and the dimming ring has 128 levels in different brightness value. Particularly, there is a sense light in the remote control center. It shows the exactly light which is touched. As the led strip is the same. Further, there are 3 dynamic modes in the mode button, and the speed is adjustable.
Especially, HX-SZ600-DIM designed with Synchronization function. It is convenient to use RJ45 connector to connect the multiple controllers together, and achieve the synchronization function of thousands meters led strips.

Product Feature
●Adopt PWM technology, dimming from 0% to 100%, smooth and flicker-free.
●PWM signal frequency:2KHz.
●High watt output design, up to 288W/12V. Three channels output, each maximum current is 8A.
●Easy connection to achieve multiple dimmers sync-work by RJ45 terminal.
●Adopt RF remote control technology and full touch design.
●Designing for: LED constant voltage single color product like LED single color strip.
●2-year warranty.

Technical Parameters

Working temperature


Supply voltage



3 channels

Connecting mode

common anode

External dimension

L91*W88*H24 mm

Packing size

L106*W106*H66 mm

Net weight


Gross weight


Output gray

256 levels

Output current

<8A(each channel)

Output power

12V:<288W,24V:<576 W

RF Frequency


Interface Specifications

Direction for use

Adopts RF full touch control, with one dimming ring and 5 function buttons.

The function of each button as below:

Name of key




ON or OFF in any time


Pause or Continue


The mode will move to next, when touch the key each time

3 modes in total.

Speed/Brightness +

The Speed/Brightness will +1, whentouch the key each time

Speed for dynamic modes, Brightness for static modes.

Speed/Brightness -

The Speed/Brightness will -1, when touch the key each time

Speed for dynamic modes, Brightness for static modes.

Color Ring

Touch any color temperature which you want

3 modes in total as below:





Static 100% light

Brightness is adjustable, speed is unadjustable



Speed is adjustable, brightness is unadjustable

Typical Applications
Application Circuit 1

Application Circuit 2: (Synchronization function with network Line(RJ45) )

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RF Touch Dimmer