700ma led driver dimmable LED Driver 700ma

Product Details

•lPWM control technology, stable dimming, smart control
• Dimming range:1~100%l
•lPWM signal frequency: 2KHz
•lAdopt RF full touch remote control, wireless control
•RF frequency: 2.4GHz
lSupport multiple drivers wireless sync-work

•Transmission Distance:up to 30m,no need line-of-sight
•Class 2
•lProtected from miswires, over loading, over voltage, short circuit
•lDesigning for: LED constant current DIM/CCT lighting product
•lAccording to world safety regulations for lighting
•l2 years warranty

HDT Series Dimming Driver:
Input: AC90-265V 50/60Hz
Output: DC9-42V, Max C.=1.8A, Max P.=45W
PWM frequency: 2KHz
RF Full Touch Remote:
RF frequency: 2.4GHz
Battery: AAA*3