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IR BT Led Controller-CCT

HX-IRBT001-CCT, adopts the advanced micro control unit, it is used for controlling constant voltage CW+WW LED lamps. For instance, point source of light, flexible light strip and so on; Belong to low-voltage DC power input and output with four interfaces, including V+ is the common positive interfaces, the other two for the negative interface. Meanwhile, you can turn on/off, adjust brightness/color-temperature for different lighting effects through infrared 14keys remote control.

Product Features
●Designed for CW+WW constant voltage LED lights, Working voltage DC12-24V.
●Three channels output, Max. load current: 2CH*2A; Max. load power: 48W/12V; 96W/24V.
●Adopts IR 14keys remote control with fashion appearance, distance up to 10 meters in the open air.
●Memory function, each time power-on reserve the mode which stop in the last power-down;
●7 modes in total, including 3 static colors and 4 dynamic changes.
●The brightness of static color is adjustable, 256 levels in total; the speed of dynamic changes is adjustable, 100 levels in total.
●Long-press the brightness and speed key can get the fast adjustment, convenient for operation.
●Warranty of this product is one year, exclude the artificial situation of damaged or overload working.Technical Parameters


Working    temperature


Supply    voltage


Static    power consumption


Connecting    mode

common    anode


256    levels

Speed    stage

100    grade

External    dimension

L61*W35*H22    mm

Packing    size


Net    weight


Gross    weight



2    channels

Max.    Output current




Remote    distance

Up    to 10M

Max.    Output power

12V:48W,    24V:96W

Memory    function


Remote  control:

     Working    temperature


Supply voltage


Static    current


Working    current


Net    weight


Carrier frequency


External    dimension

L138*W40*H10    mm

Remote distance


Interface  Specifications

Direction for use
Connect the load wire at first, followed by the power wire; Please ensure short circuit can not occur between wires before turning on the power;
Operation: to ensure that there is no barrier between the remote controller and the receiver.
The functions of buttons are shown as below:




Turn on


Turn off

Brightness +

The brightness will    add 1 level after each time press. Long-press can get fast adjusting.

Brightness -

The brightness will reduce    1 level after each time press. Long-press can get fast adjusting.

CW balance key

Balance to cool    white. Long-press can get fast adjusting.

WW balance key

Balance to warm    white. Long-press can get fast adjusting.


Hot key for 3 CCT    full-light: 100% CW, 100% WW, 100%CW+100%WW, and 4 dynamic modes.

Night light

Press the button go to    night light mode(night    light Setting:Under night light mode, press &ldquo;Set    button&rdquo; and hold on for 10 seconds will go into the night light setting,    press the left button to down the brightness, press the right button to up    the brightness. Adjustable range: 1%-10%.) 

Speed +

Add the speed of    dynamic mode. Long-press can get fast adjusting.

Speed -

Reduce the speed of    dynamic mode. Long-press can get fast adjusting.

Delay off

The light will be    delay off in 30 seconds.

Typical Applications
Application  Circuit 1:

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IR BT remote LED    Controller-CCT