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Sound wave soot blower in sintering machine head dust collector application

May 06, 2015

Diaphragm principle of sound wave soot blower

Diaphragm type Sonic clear ash is to compression air as Sonic of energy, high strength of titanium metal diaphragm in compression air gas source role Xia since stress oscillation, and in resonant cavity within produced resonant, put compression air potential conversion for low frequency sound can, through air media put sound can passed to corresponding of product ash points, makes Sonic on ash slag up to "sound to fatigue" of role, due to Sonic oscillation of repeatedly role, imposed Yu ash, and slag of extrusion cycle changes of load, reached must of cycle stress times Shi, ash, and slag of structure due to fatigue and damage, Due to gravity, or fluid media will then ash and slag removed from the attachment surface reach cleaning effect.