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Reconstruction scheme of traditional street lamp intelligent monitor

May 07, 2015

Traditional lamp operation mode remote control does not work, not according to the actual situation, such as the weather changes, major events, holidays, promptly of any changes, such as switching on the light;

Street light maintenance management manual inspections, manpower and material investment, lack of initiative, timeliness and reliability;

In the area of the traditional lamp by using the remote control, you can single light or group control;

Remote electric parameter acquisition;

Scientific statistical analysis;

Automatic inspection, fault alarm function can be realized;

Measurement and control intelligent lighting control systems used in traditional street light pole maintenance hole (box) installing an external node controller node controller and the lamp in series on the power line, node controllers support single-headlight control and dual-headlight control;

Due to its use of power line carrier communication technology in reconstruction project implemented from additional cabling, simple installation, easy maintenance, functional and practical, stable and reliable communications, has been widely used.