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Intelligent LED Lighting With LED Controller

Jun 18, 2016

With the development of led lighting, the need of more intelligent led controller and led diver is gradually increasing. Adding intelligence into LED Lighting needs to transform LED divers with fixed function into micro LED diver or programmable logic controller.

The quality of luminescence is very important for many lighting appliance including commercial display screen and entertainment lighting. The three major factors influencing the performance of LED are difference of manufacture, temperature and burn-in.

Difference of Manufacture

The output for different lots of LED will have great change. Due to the difference of manufacture, the quality of luminescence will be difference if the components of LED are from different lots though the products lines are the same. With the intelligent LED controller, the system can adjust and compensate for the difference.


The output of led will vary with the change of temperature. To compensate for this effect, the system need a sensor to adjust the temperature. The micro controller read the data of sensor to adjust the LED diver. Therefore, the color and the the Luminous intensity will be calibrate dynamically.


The burn-in of LED will influence the quality of luminescence resulting in the change of color. For example, the red LED will have a quick burn-in than blue LED. Color produced by certain power output or PWM frequency will shift with the passage of time. The intelligent controller will consider burn-in and adjust color curves. In that case, the luminescence will keep the same in the whole life cycle in LED system.

In a word, the intelligent LED controller can create a more fixable lighting system