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Distinct sensors, intelligent trend

May 07, 2015

The link bridge of no sensors as humans and intelligent devices, the development of the Internet of things is academic. As a smart device "perception centers" sensors for rapid development of wearable device played a crucial role. As a new industry, currently wearable device is mainly used to track a user's movement, monitor users ' health data, such data collection is done by the sensor. However, with the development of technology, simple sensors to gather information has been unable to meet market demand, and microcontroller (MCU) combination, with a variety of functions of a single chip of integrated Intelligent sensor becoming a wearable device "beloved". Compared with traditional sensors, intelligent sensor has many distinctive features, a combination of detection, judgement and information processing capabilities. Self-diagnosis and self-calibration function for example, judgments and processing functions, you can amend your measurements, error compensation, so as to improve the accuracy and multi-sensor multi-parameters can be measured.