dmx512 rgb led controller Dmx 512 RGB LED Controller

Product Details

Product Description
DMX512 decoder adopts the advanced micro control unit, It can receive the DMX-512 standard digital control signal which is internationally widely used. It changes the signal into PWM control signal to actuate the LED lamp. It can also connect the DMX digital console to change the light or each dynamic effect.
External Dimension

Technical Parameters

Working temperature


Supply voltage



3 channels

Connecting mode

common anode

External dimension

L127*W42*H33 (mm)

Packing size

L135*W55*H40 (mm)

Net weight


Gross weight


Output gray

256 levels (RGB each)

Output current

<6A(each channel)

Output power


Frequency of RF remote control


Frequency of PWM signal output


Interface Specifications

Direction for use
This product is in compliance with DMX512 protocol, compatible autoindex addressing and manual establishment address.

Each universal DMX controller takes up 3 DMX addresses. It adopts 2 ways (autoindex addressing and code switch) to set up the address. When adopting the autoindex addressing, all switches are "off" status. When adopting the code switch to set up address, the 10th bit(FUN) is "off" status, and other 9 bits arebinary value code switch which are used to set up the DMX starting address code. The first bit is the lowest order bit, and the ninth is the highest order bit. That can set up 511 address codes. The DMX starting address code is equal to the sum of 1st to 9th bit. If move down one bit of code switch ("ON" set "1"), you can get the placevalue of this bit. If move up (set "0"), the placevalue is 0. For example: if you want to set up DMX starting address code for 73, you should move down the 7th, 4th, and 1st bit of code switch for "1", and others for "0", Then the placevalue's sum of 1st to 9th bit is 64+8+1. That is to say, the DMX512 starting address code is 73. (The correspondence dials code position is as follows)
To choose the channel from the Dial in-line Package (DIP) Switch:












Weight number











1. Example 1:
Like figure 1, to set up the DMX starting address code for 37, should move down the 6th, 3th, 1st bit for "1", others for "0". Then the placevalue's sum of 1st to 9th bit is 32+4+1, as is for 37.

2. Example 2:
Like figure 2, to set up the DMX starting address code for 328, should move down the 9th, 7th, 4th bit for "1", others for "0". Then the placevalue's sum of 1st to 9th bit is 256+64+8, as is for 328.

The function outside of the DMX
1. Control with DIP switch
1) Test function:
The DIP switch's 10th bit is "FUN", for built-in function key. When "FUN"="OFF", is for DMX decoder function. This is used to adopt DMX signal. When "FUN"="ON", the test function like figure 3:
1-9 switch OFF: black
Switch 1=ON: red
Switch 2=ON: green
Switch 3=ON: blue
Switch 4=ON: yellow
Switch 5=ON: purple
Switch 6=ON: cyan
Switch 7=ON: white

Switch 8=ON: Seven-color jumpy changing (8 grades of speeds are available)
Switch 9=ON: All-color gradual changing (8 grades of speeds are available)

2)Speed choice of jumpy changing and gradual changing's effect:
In test function, when switch 8=ON, is for seven-color jumpy changing effect. When switch 9=ON, is for seven-color gradual changing effect. 8 grades of speeds are available for each effect:
1-7 switch OFF: 0 grades of speeds
Switch 1=ON: 1 grade of speeds
Switch 2=ON: 2 grades of speeds
Switch 3=ON: 3 grades of speeds
Switch 4=ON: 4 grades of speeds
Switch 5=ON: 5 grades of speeds
Switch 6=ON: 6 grades of speeds
Switch 7=ON: 7 grades of speeds (maximum speed)

As figure 4, when all switches are "ON" at the same time, the more value is taken as final. The state of decoder is gradual changing of test function. Its variable speed is 7. In addition, when signal indicator (green) blinks slowly, it runs the built-in program effectiveness of decoder. When the decoder receives the DMX signal, signal indicator will flash rapidly.

●Adopt wireless control method, 20 keys in total, function of each button as below::
●Standard color changes as follows:

Brightness +

Brightness -



Static red

Static green

Static blue

Static white

Static white

Static yellow

Static cyan

Static purple

Auto run

three base color jumpy

Three color gradually change

speed +


seven base color jumpy

Seven color gradually change


Typical Applications
1.Be used as a DMX512 decoder2:

2.Be used as a DMX512 decoder2:

1. Supply voltage of this product is DC12V~24V, never connect to others or AC220V.
2. Lead wire should be connected correctly according to grade that connecting diagram offers.
3. This product is not to overload;
4. Warranty of this product is one year, but exclude the artificial situation of damaged or overload working.

Common Problems


Possible cause


  1. Lamp does not light after power

Power cord is not properly connected, or there is not output switching power supply

Connect the power cord properly or replay the power

Lamp power cord is not connected or short circuit

Connected lighting power cord

2. After connecting some of the load the controller does not work

The connected load is too large,so that it has burned in some of the components of the controller

Replace parts of components or replace the controller