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Product Details

RF Multiple-zone Dimming Controller

HX-MULTZ-SZ100-DIM is a capable of multiple zones unified controlling products. The system consists of two parts, the RF remote control and receiver components, to achieve integrated control of multiple areas within the effective distance range, to meet the growing demands of LED lighting environmental control from the market. Applications such as: LED strips, LED modules, LED string lights and other single color constant voltage type LED lamps.
Adopted RF touch 18-key remote control, to achieve independent/sync control of up to 10 areas, including switching, adjust mode, and speed adjustment and brightness adjustment. The receiver section compatible with the HOION RGB signal amplifier for power expansion, to achieve more control of LED lights, in theory, numerous RGB amplifiers can be connected.

Product Features
●Used for constant voltage single color LED lamps, working voltage DC12-24V.
●Multiple-zone unified control, achieve independent control of up to 10 zones.
●User-friendly designing with LCD screen show the current state and clear function key area.
●Adopt RF remote control technology, as RF signal sender, RF frequency: 2.4GHz。
●Sleep-wakeup design, for energy conservation.
●Transmission Distance:up to 20m,no need line-of-sight.

Technical Parameters

Receiver, model for separately purchase: HX-SZ100-MULTZ-DIM.

Working temperature


Supply voltage


Standby power


Connecting mode


Brightness levels


Speed levels


Net weight


Gross weight


External dimension

L127*W41*H32 (mm)


1 channel

Output current


Output power


RF distance


RF frequency


Memory function




RF remote control, model for separately purchase: HX-MULTZ-RCDIM.

Working temperature


Supply voltage


Standby current


Working current


Standby power


Working power


Net weight


External dimension

L150*W62*H25 (mm)

RF distance


RF frequency


Interface Specifications
Power and Payload interface:

Adopt male and female connector with screw.

Direction for use
Adopt RF remote control technology, with one LCD screen and 18 buttons.

The function of each button as below:

Important: the remote control will sleep with 5 second unused, needs to press "ON/OFF" or"IP" key to wake it up firstly before using.

3 modes as below:





Static white

Brightness is adjustable


Single color breath

Speed is adjustable


Single color flash

Speed is adjustable

Zone setting:
From 0 to 9, 10 codes for up to 10 zones, matching RF codes with all receivers before using. Matching operation as below:
1. Pressing and hold the "IP" key and then powering on the receiver, the LEDs loading will output 50% brightness (Tip: if the output does not output 50% brightness, indicating that the code learning is not successful, need to repeat the step 1).
2. Pressing No. key 3 times in 3 seconds after step 1 to finish the matching. (about No. key, for example: the LED is planned to be matched to "1", press "1" in step 2). Corresponding to the operation, the LED's brightness will change as 25%-10%-back to preset level.
Important: the remote control will sleep within 8 seconds unused, needs to press "ON/OFF" or "IP" key to wake up it first before using.

Typical Applications
Application Circuit: RF remote control and receiver

Application Circuit: receiver and LED loading

Tip: In response to market demands, HX-MULTZ-RCDIM is compatible with H series constant current dimming driver series for LED lighting products also. It means that H series drivers and HX-SZ100-MULTZ-DIM can be receivers in the same control system.

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RF Multiple-zone Dimming Controller