0-10V Knob Wall Panel Dimmer

0-10V Knob Wall Panel Dimmer
Product Details

HX-WP86-010D is a wall panel dimmer, which output is 0-10V analog signal,compatible with various 0-10V CV led controller and CC led driver, to achieve stepless dimming via knob control, simple and intuitive control. Standards for commercial or home 86-type switch socket box installation, can be surface mounted or concealed, with fashion appearance, easy to install, simple to use and so on.

Product Feature

1.The working voltage is: AC90-265V, do not need to configure the adapter.

2.Output:single 0-10V, Max output current is 100mA, Multiple led lamps can be parallel connected

3.short circuit protection design, automatic recovery after short-circuit fault removal

4.Knob design, simple operation, fashion appearance

5.The structure and dimension according to the 86-type European standards.


Technical specification

Working temperature-20-60℃
Supply voltageAC90V-265V
Standby power<0.3W
Max input power<1.8W
Output voltage0-10V
Max supply current<0.04A
Connectionwiring terminal
Max output current100mA
External dimensionL86*W86*H50 mm

Packing size

L106*W106*H66 mm

Net weight

Gross weight200g

Case dimension

Connection diagram

Wall-panel Installation instruction

Step 1: Fixing the bottom cover into the wall;

Step 2:Fixing the metal frame into the bottom cover with screws  ( projecting part upward

Step 3: Pressing the wall-panel into the metal frame, after connecting well the input and output wires.

Direction for use

Turn the knob clockwise to increase the brightness(OFF-100%),turn the knob counterclockwise to decrease the brightness(100%-OFF)

Typical Applications

Application Circuit

Related products

Item numberHX-SZ200(0-10V)Picture
Working temperature-20-60℃

Supply voltage12V~24V
Output1 channel
External dimensionL127*W42*H33 (mm)
Net weight150g
Gross weight170g
Output gray256 levels
Max. Output current25A
0-10V signal consumption<0.1mA
Control standard0-10V analog signal
Dimming rangeOFF-100%
PWM frequency490±5Hz

Product information for placing order

Product nameItem number
0-10V wall panel dimmerHX-WP86-010D